Story of Priyanka khare

This story is of Mrs. Priyanka Khare wife of Mr. Ram Ratan Khare from Jhansi living in a family of 6 members. Their income was dependent on farming and then she met the employee of Pratyana microfinance where he informed her about making a group of ladies to get a loan while educating her about opening a small business of her own from this money to get a better way of living. She took the responsibility on herself to accumulate a group of women who were in need to create an external growth of their household income and briefed them about how it is possible for them to be able to grow.

She also took a loan of Rs.30,000 to buy a buffalo and when she understood the benefits of taking a loan from Prayatnamicrofinance, she took another loan for the second time of Rs.45,000 and this time opened her own grocery store from which she is earning additional amount of income except from her other businesses that shealready run for her household.

She says, “PrayatnaMicrofinance has helped us to succeed in our lives as we have never imagined by guiding us about savings and earnings.”

After seeing the success of her store, she decided to take the loan for the THIRD time of Rs.45,000 to add more products to their grocery store andcreate a bigger market for themselves.

She says, “we have managed to succeeded a lot because of Prayatna microfinance and even the neighborhood ladies are delighted to see their success stories. Prayatna plans tostay with us until the end and we have complete faith in ourselves that our poverty will be deleted from our lives completely.”

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